Purchase Pattern of Consumer for Consumer Durables Along with Preference Towards Organized and Unorganzed Retail

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The goal of marketing research is to provide the facts and direction that managers need to make their more important marketing decisions. Marketing research covers a wider range of activities. Such as

    

Determine research design Identify data types and sources Design data collection forms and questionnaires Determine sample plan and size, Collect the data, Analyze and interpret the data. Prepare the research report

This project is an attempt to decipher the market potential for products widely used in the households of every other city and some of the rural parts in India. These products (Consumer Durables) have significance due to huge demand for it in an ever growing sector – Retail Industry, here in India it is booming due to various reasons. Economic development, stable income, higher disposable income has resulted into increase in spending power of the consumer, liberalization has also affected the growth in tremendous way as it has relaxed the norms and regulations and this in turn means entry of various big players of around the globe in our country. Still there are lot of parameters to be studied which will help the retailers to know the pulse of the consumer, how they can be attracted towards organized retail etc. at present the organized retail share in India


is not competent with the Unorganized and that is the reason to study the market which will help in flourishing the retail arena. In this report, I have done a market research on consumer durables, and came up with some suggestions, limitations, and conclusions on the basis of marketing research work. As far as summary part is concern, in research project I have selected market survey on Consumer durables. I have done market survey for electronic products & preference toward Organized & Unorganized Retail.



1. The research was aimed at studying the purchase pattern of consumers for Consumer durables. 2. To study the factors affecting purchase of consumer durables 3. To study brand preference of consumers for consumer durable goods 4. To study brand preference of consumers towards organized & unorganized outlet for the consumer durable goods.

2.2 Scope of the study: The research is conducted in Mumbai city to study purchase pattern of consumer durables which includes major factors affecting the decision, brand preference and preference towards organized and unorganized formats to purchase the same. 2. 3 Research design: Research design is descriptive in nature. Preferences of people are analyzed and quantified to know the factors responsible for their preference. Further preference is quantified in terms of organized and unorganized retail formats.

2.4 Data Collection Sources: .Secondary Data: Information regarding the project, secondary data was also required. These data were collected from various past studies and other sources like magazines, newspapers, and websites which qualified as reliable.


2.5 Sampling plan: Target population: Households of Mumbai Sampling unit: People purchasing consumer durables from stores at the time of research. Sampling method: convenience and Step out Sampling, Sample size: 200

2.6 Analytical tools: Graphical presentation Hypothesis Weighted average


CHAPTER 3: LITERATURE REVIEW The Indian retail market, which is the fifth largest retail destination globally, has been ranked as the most attractive emerging market for investment in the retail sector by AT Kearney's eighth annual Global Retail Development Index (GRDI), in 2009. As per a study conducted by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), the retail sector contributed to 22 per cent of India's GDP in 2010. With rising consumer demand and greater disposable income, the US$ 400 billion Indian retail sector is clocking an annual growth rate of 30 per cent. It is projected to grow to US$ 700 billion by...
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