Public or Private Services? (Draft)

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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-My chosen topic: 21. Should health care/education be a public service with universal coverage or a private service? Should public services be privatized? . Currently, we are exposed to hear or watch several times in the radio or TV news important political people talking about reforms, which is sometimes only a cover way of talking about privatization of previously public services now and again. Defined in the strictest of terms, privatization means the sale of public utilities to private concerns. But as Public Works magazine noted, "in the broader sense of the term …and the definition that applies to most contemporary discussions, privatization is the contract operation of a public utility or service by a private entity. It most often occurs in solid waste management, water/wastewater treatment, fleet maintenance, road/bridge building and maintenance, and municipal management." This situation is not new, and it have ringed the alarm in many sectors of the population, such as educational or medical systems, who have reacted to this kind of ``reforms´´ with strikes, demonstrations, and so on. So, as we can be able to see, it is very important to highlight the dangers of these continuous and progressive privatizations in many sectors. According to what Kevin R. Kosar (Analyst in American National Government and Finance Division) says at the beginning of his summary in ``Privatization and the Federal Government: introduction´´ (December 28, 2006) -To some, privatization appeared as an answer to the purported failures of “big government.” Privatization attracted political support due to its rhetorically persuasive rationales, purported benefits, and political attractiveness. However, privatization also has been controversial. Critics have complained that privatization is a form of union busting and that privatization can have unforeseen and undesirable consequences. - . I am not saying it is all bad sides when talking about private services; for example,...
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