Public Health

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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What is public health?
Public health is improving and helping people to stay healthy and preventing getting ill. This may include treating individuals with diseases or educating them on how to improve their health it may be if they smoke they can advise the people by telling them the disadvantages of smoking. All people can work in public health this may include teachers, nurses, local business leaders.

The public health act 1848, the work of Edwin Chadwick and John Snow

During the nineteenth century the growing towns of Britain were overcrowded. People lived on top of each other and some lived in sailors because the houses which were built had small yards and small area where they placed their toilets. Those days people were unhygienic therefore the diseases were spreadable because there were not curable. When the toilets were full the soil men would take the human waste away and heaped the human waste in a large pile near the houses, the waste would seep into the river and this caused germs to the water they drank and the disease called Cholera was identified, some believe the disease was caused by the miasma (bad smells). In 1839 Edwin Chadwick began his research on sanitation and he provided his report which included the living conditions in Britain during the nineteenth century. The report was actually published in 1942; it included great importance in terms of forcing change. In the sanitary report Chadwick made a link between poverty, squalor and disease. It also explained the establishment of a single local authority supported by expert medical and civil engineering advice to administer all sanitary matters. After six years that’s when the public health act was introduced. The public health act was an outcome of the sanity report for Edwin Chadwick and it was set up to achieve Chadwick goals and the association. The public health act was the outcome of...
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