Public Administration

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1. Discuss the scope and implications of SHRM.

The model just described represents an expansion on the more typical model that has been implied in the SHRM literature, in which HR practices are presumed to be associated with performance through their influence on employee skills, attitudes, and motivation IMPLICATIONS:

* SHRM Implies accepting the HR function as an integral part to the formulation of the companies strategies and Implementation of the same through specific HRM practices like recruiting, selecting, training and rewarding personnel  SHRM encourages managers to be proactive which means to think ahead.  Attainment of organization objectives through human capital.  It enhances individual performance by development of commitment at all levels.  It enables development of need based personnel policy/HR policy as a prerequisite for optimum use of human resources.  Integration of HRM policy with business goals or objectives.  Developing supportive work culture in order to encourage creativity, team work, TQM as well as innovation and a sense of belonging.  Creation of flexible environment because in flexible environment employees can easily adapt to changing competitive environment.  Creation of flexible working hours/ function.

 Integration of people related issues with business issues. * SHRM Implies a logically connected approach to the design and management of personnel systems based on employment policy and manpower strategy underpinned by Philosophy * SHRM implies the use of Planning to maximise the advantage from HRM * Implies that HRM activities and polices are aspects of explicitly formulated business strategy * It Recognises HR’s partnership role in the strategising process * Incorporates Ethical and legal considerations, which in turn have complex implications for the achievement of a wide range of business objectives like Equity; Consideration ; Commitment and Working Conditions

2. Discuss the Advantages and Shortcomings of HR Planing.
Human resource planning can be defined as the process of identifying the number of people required by an organization in terms of quantity and quality. All human resource management activities start with human resource planning. HR Planning is the formal process of linking organisational strategy with Human resource Practices. HR Planning is also known as Manpower Planning. It is a technique of correcting imbalances between manpower demand and supply in an organisation at a micro level and in the economy at the macro level. The two aspects of manpower planning are Quantitative and Qualitative. HR Planning Occurs at several levels:

Aggregated Workforce planning at the strategic is needed to counteract pulls and pressures of Globalisation Career Planning of Homogenous group of employees at the Tactical Level...addresses the career planning and development needs of personnel in the organisation Posting and deployment planning of individuals at the operational level...assists the HR managers to formulate optimal personnel posting and deployment plan for the employees ADVANTAGES:

Human resources planning anticipate not only the required kind and number of employees but also determine the action plan for all functions of personnel management.  a) Human resource planning is  necessary  of  all organization .The cooperate pal of the organization  regarding expansion, diversification, technological change, should be backed up by the availability of human resources. It suggests modification in the plan when the expected manpower is not available. b)      It offsets uncertainty and change. Sometime the organization  may have machines and money but not men and consequently the production cannot be started. It offsets such uncertainly and changes to the maximum possible and enables the society to have right men at right time and in the right place. c)      It provides scope for...
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