Pttls Indentfy the Key Aspects of the Current Legislation and Code of Practice Relevant to Your Subject Workplace and the Type of Organsation You Would Like to Work in.

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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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As a former Childcare Tutor and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) Assessor working in the education sector, it was imperative to understand the various legislative requirements and code of practices implemented by various organisations. I adhere to these laws and codes which I have identified and listed. The Institute for Learning (IFL) is the professional body for learning. IFL’s code of practice outlines a set of rules for the benefit of learners, lecturers, trainers and trainee teachers in the FE sector. It is the professional body responsible for promoting and maintaining the standards which include the following: 1: PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY

In essence they ‘inform best practices including skills, knowledge and values’ (Lifelong Learning UK, 2008) and describe what one needs to do to conduct oneself and carry out one’s duties competently and consistently. It is vital for me to keep up to date with relevant legislation. It is also my responsibility to adhere to and be familiar with new procedures in order to carry out my duties successfully, in line with what is expected from me by my employer and in a manner consistent with my colleagues. This supports and protects colleagues and learners and anyone in the education environment. As a tutor at any organisation, I remain professional at all times, and when dealing with learners I am always aware of boundaries that are in place and never forget that I am representing an organisation where education and college rules are enforced. I do this by reinforcing the college guidelines and the code of conduct with students. I actively participate on the first day of teaching to thoroughly address each headline (in the Code of Conduct) and ask “what does this mean to them?” and “how can we as a group adhere to this?”. Here is an opportunity to ask questions, check learners’...
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