Psychology 100 Sex Signals

Topics: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Psychology 100
Sex signal presentation
Hugo Cervantes
Sex signals was a pretty good presentation, I fell very well in part of the had a lot of knowledge about rape, sex signals, and how to report certain rapist. For the most part the presentation covered most of what I had gone thru in high school. But still very interesting the way the actors did it to engage the audience to participate in the event

To start the presentation was about how to be a confident person and not feel so awkward toward meeting new people. The actors were playing roles that a typical girl is like and a typical guy is. And if you see this kind of act to act on it and step in. but according to the actors, most people do not step in, in a situation that is where a guy is making the girl feel weird most people won’t step in due to being called a cock blocker or getting into a physical fight.

The presentation talk about when is a situation considered rape. Even thoe a girl is giving you sex signals, when she says stop and you ignore the request is then that time considered rape. Just because a woman calls you over to have a study session does not mean an invitation to have sex with her. The presentations were about how to respect both partners’ wishes. If someone say’s stop well then you stop. This information goes for both parties and sexual preference like gay, bi-sexual, or straight.

If you or know a person that has been raped there are a lot of ways to report the situation. First place you can go is to a local school to talk to a counselor, talk to a friend or authority to seek help. Most people do not know what rape is or when its consider rape. Due to these acts being seen as normal to most people. So next time you see anyone in this kind of predicament , don’t just let it be a normal situation, because its not. Spread the word about learning to say no or stop
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