Psychological Punishment

Topics: Reinforcement, B. F. Skinner, Psychology Pages: 4 (1497 words) Published: May 24, 2012
Reese Rogers
Punishment and Reinforcement
A parent can be defined in many ways; my definition is an adult giving the warmth and belonging to their kid for them then to develop proper behaviors. All behaviors must be strengthened by the parents for their kids to grow up with moral values. Punishment is one way of decreasing a behavior from reoccurring by giving or removing an object or activity of value. A common use of positive punishment is giving children the timeout corner. When giving your children this they will learn from their mistakes and try not to do the activity that caused this. Reinforcement increases a behavior by removing a negative condition or by giving a positive condition. Often children will spend extra time on television rather than homework. If you take out the cable card from the television it will increase the chances of spending more time on homework increases. It all comes down to how you want to teach your children good or bad habits through conditioning such as reinforcement or punishment. It is important to keep punishment and reinforcement separate because people refer to different ways of learning.

For our life, punishment is happened in every area but more specifically in families, such as parents punishing their children. Many adults may look at punishment as a result from doing a morally wrong act. Dr. Heffner holds a Bachelor's Degree in psychology and business administration, a Master's in psychology, a Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D., ABD), both in clinical psychology. He is licensed as a psychologist in the State of Florida (PY6115) and is a member of the Florida Psychological Association and the International Society for Mental Health Online. He states “Punishment refers to adding something aversive in order to decrease a behavior. The most common example of this is disciplining (e.g. spanking) a child for misbehaving. The reason we do this is because the child begins to associate...
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