Psychological Life Quality Factors

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Psychological Life Quality Factors
3 Factor| Description| Why is it important | Example|
Psychological security| The absence of fear or distressing anxiety and insecurity.| Psychological security is very important otherwise a person could feel very insecure, and threatened which can lead to paranoia. It is important to ensure a person feels comfortable and free from danger in their environment. | In a care setting such as a prison, it is important to feel safe as you might be worried of being threatened or a victim of crime. Prisoners could often feel like this, as there are constantly criminals in their surroundings, Often groups of gangs, etc. | Social Contact| Interacting and spending time with people on a regular basis.| Without social contact, people cab feel lonely and isolated. Not having people spend time with can cause people to become stressed, as they would have no one to talk to about their issues. | In a care setting such as a prison, social contact could be very important as a prisoner could feel very alone and isolated, due to the fact that they are away from their family friends and most of society. Most prisoners are expected to regularly interact with other prisoners and staff. | Social support| Having other people give you guidance and comfort.| This stops people feeling alone and helpless. Having other people giving advice and helping you can take away anxiety and make them feel much more cared for. Having social support from family and friends whilst in a care setting, makes people feel much more safe and comfortable.| In a care setting such as a prison, social support could be will be given to prisoners by staff, inmates and physiatrists. A prisoner would need guidance from others, so they can improve their behaviour and act correctly. Support would be needed as having other people would make them feel safer and reassured. | Approval | Being liked or praised by others.| Approval could be seen to be extremely...
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