Psychoanalytic Approach to Little Red Riding Hood

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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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Psychoanalytic Approach to Little Red Riding Hood

Although there are numerous approaches employed in understanding literature, the psychoanalytic interpretation most significantly attempts to utilize the symbolic mysteries of a work. In exclusive contrast to the formal approach, which focuses entirely on the wording, the fascinating aspect of the psychoanalytic investigation is that it searches for a purpose beyond that which is strictly in the text. By insinuating the existence of innate and hidden motives, it allows for a broad range of abstract and creative possibilities. When applied to Perrault's, "Little Red Riding Hood," it appropriately suggests evidence toward underlying sexual motivations and tensions. Additionally, this analysis unfolds a constant interplay between forces of the human psyche.

Sigmund Freud pioneered the introduction of the psychoanalytical concepts behind his principle theory that all human behavior is primarily motivated by sexuality. Throughout Perrault's version of "Little Red Riding Hood," veiled sexual implications are in abundance. In fact, the moral suggests that the entire purpose of the story is to caution against the "smooth-tongued…dangerous beasts" which like to rob young ladies of their innocence. Likewise, the hungry wolf does not simply eat the grandmother. Instead, Perrault distinctly portrays that before consumption, "he threw himself on the good woman." And furthermore, before digesting the young girl, he invites her into bed. At which point, she "took off her clothes and went to lie down in the bed." After she thoroughly inspects and comments on nearly every aspect of the wolf's "big" body parts, the wolf then "threw himself upon Little Red Riding Hood" to consume her as well. Such obvious references in the text clearly serve as evidence for Freud's theories on interpretive analysis.

Another Freudian theory relating to this story is his belief that society poses a forbidden aura on sexual compulsion,...
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