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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Package Scheme of Incentives - 2013

1088/(7056)/IND-8, dated the 22/02/1989, 19. No. IDL-1093/(8889)/IND-8, dated the 07/05/1993, 20. No. IDL-1093/(9378)/IND-8, dated the 06/07/1994, 21. No. IDL-1095/(10092)/IND-8, dated the 03/01/1996, 22. No. IDL-1096/(13251)/IND-8, dated the 12/03/1997, 23. No. IDL-1096/(13211)/IND-8, dated the 20/06/1997, 24. No. IDL-1097/(13563)/IND-8, dated the 27/11/1997, 25. No. IDL-1097/(13637)/IND-8, dated the 28/11/1997, 26. No. IDL-1097/(13478)/IND-8, dated the 29/11/1997, 27. No. IDL-1097/(13385)/IND-8, dated the 17/01/1998, Page 1 of 36

Government Resolution No.: PSI -2013/ (CR- 54 )/IND-8

28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44.

No. IDL-1098/(121)/IND-8, dated the 11/08/1998, No. IDL-1098/(293)/IND-8, dated the 30/09/1998, No. IDL-1098/(109)/IND-8, dated the 31/12/1998, No. IDL-1099/(620)/IND-8, dated the 31/03/1999, No. IDL-1098/(351)/IND-8, dated the 16/04/1999, No. IDL-1098/(351)/IND-8, dated the 29/06/1999, No. IDL-1098/(620)/IND-8, dated the 30/06/1999, No. IDL-1099/(780)/IND-8, dated the 09/07/1999, No. IDL-1099/(884)/IND-8, dated the 29/10/1999, No. IDL-1020/((5)/IND-8, dated the 23/03/2000, No. IDL-1020/(204)/IND-8, dated the 12/05/2000, No. IDL-1021/(CR-73)/IND-8, dated 31/03/2001, No. IDL-1002/(CR-66)/IND-8, dated 16/02/2002, No. IDL-1002/(CR-345)/IND-8, dated 18/10/2002, No. IDL-1005/(CR-119)/IND-8, dated 02/06/2005, No. IDL-1006/(CR-83 )/IND-8, dated 03/05/2006, No. IDL-1006/( CR-83-Part- II)/IND-8, dated 13/07/2006,

45. No. PSI-1707/(CR-50)/IND-8, dated the 30th March, 2007, 46. No. PSI-1707/CR-101/Ind-8, dated the 24th April, 2007, 47. No. PSI-2107/CR-74/Ind-8, dated the 30th April, 2007, 48. No. PSI-2108/CR-35/Ind-8, dated the 21st May, 2008, 49. No. PSI-1708/CR-228/Ind-8, dated the 25th August, 2008, 50. No. PSI-2108/CR-36/Ind-8, dated the 3rd December, 2008, 51. No. PSI-2108/CR-278/Ind-8, dated the 4th December, 2008, 52. No. PSI-2108/CR-278/Ind-8, dated the 27/20/2009 53. No. PSI-2110/CR-88/Ind-8, dated the 3rd June, 2010, 54. No. PSI-2110/CR-96/Ind-8, dated the 3rd June, 2010, 55. No. PSI-1707/(CR-50)/Ind-8, dated the 27th July, 2010, 56. No. PSI-2110/CR-92/Ind-8, dated the 25th October, 2010, 57. No. PSI-1707/(CR-50)/IND-8, dated the 22nd March, 2011, 58. No. PSI-1707/(CR-50)/IND-8, dated the 30th June, 2011, 30th August, 2011, 31st Oct.2011, 30th November, 2011, 31st Jan.2011 and 29th March,2011. 59. No. III-Policy-2010/C.R. 768/Ind-2, dated 22/2/2013 60. No PSI-1707/(CR-50)/IND-8,dated the 30th March,2013.

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Government Resolution No.: PSI -2013/ (CR- 54 )/IND-8

PREAMBLEIn order to encourage the dispersal of industries to lesser developed areas of the State, the Government has been giving package of incentives to New Industrial Units / Expansion Units set up in the developing regions of the State since 1964 under a Scheme popularly known as the “Package Scheme of Incentives.” The Package Scheme of Incentives, introduced in 1964, has been amended from time to time. The Scheme as amended last, is commonly known as the “Package Scheme of Incentives-2007” (PSI-2007) and is operative since the 1st April, 2007. The State has recently declared the new Industrial Policy -2013 to ensure sustained industrial growth through various innovative initiatives so as to further improve the conducive industrial climate in the State and to provide global competitive edge to the industries in the State. The policy envisages grant of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to the Industrial units with a view to helping the units achieve higher and sustainable economic growth with emphasis on balanced regional development and employment generation through greater Private and Public Investment in industrial sector. It is therefore necessary to amend the Package Scheme of Incentives-2007, in the light of the Industrial Policy-2013 and introduce a new “Package Scheme of Incentives 2013”, containing details of eligibility criteria, quantum of...
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