Psalms and Obj

Topics: Psalms, Rhetoric, Morality Pages: 10 (1952 words) Published: May 20, 2013
King James Bible

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

The questions below refer to the selections “Psalm 23” and “Psalm 137.”

____1.Which of the following descriptions of God’s gifts to humankind is not stated in Psalm 23? |a. |Protection from evil |c. |Ecstasy and joy | |b. |Goodness and mercy |d. |Righteousness |

____2.According to the author of Psalm 23, the speaker’s interactions with God resemble the relationship of a flock to its shepherd because both the psalmist and a flock — |a. |follow and trust |c. |wander and wonder | |b. |live in a large group |d. |fear and flee |

____3.The banquet in Psalm 23 is a(n) —
|a. |ritual meal celebrated by God’s most devout followers | |b. |metaphor representing the wealth one will receive in exchange for trusting God | |c. |example of how followers of God will not need shepherds | |d. |metaphor for the comfort and protection God provides his followers |

____4.Psalm 23 suggests that in exchange for following God, people can expect — |a. |material gain |c. |peace and serenity | |b. |prestige and power |d. |a long, healthy life |

____5.In Psalm 137, what does “Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth” mean? |a. |Let me be burned by scalding hot food. | |b. |Let me be unable to speak. | |c. |Let me be able to stick out my tongue as far as possible. | |d. |Leave me alone while I am making faces. |

____6.What do the children of Edom want to do to the city of Jerusalem? |a. |Rebuild it |c. |Settle in it | |b. |Destroy it |d. |Write about it |

____7.The Hebrews weep by the waters of Babylon because they — |a. |regret going to war |c. |are wounded | |b. |miss their children |d. |are homesick |

____8.In Psalm 137, when the Hebrews remember and praise Zion, they are also recalling and hoping to regain a — |a. |chance to sing psalms | |b. |chance to make peace with the Babylonians | |c. |lost belief in their own God | |d. |safe place of their own to live |

____9.In Psalm 137, Mount Zion can be said to represent — |a. |all of Israel |c. |the countries of the Middle East...
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