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Topics: United States, English language, Immigration to the United States Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Samuel Huntington’s writing holds a stronger position than does Louis Menand. Huntington is pointing out facts in his article, while Menand is less fact based and seems to merely indicate Huntington is wrong because Menand thinks so. Pointing to key aspects of Huntington’s argument and how Menand ‘refutes’ them will show that his opinion is less factual. Where as Menand uses his interpretation of what Huntington basis his writings on to form his conclusions.

In Huntington’s article, One Nation Out of Many, Huntington chronologically goes thru the immigration of the United States detailing how early immigrants had a desire to become American in both nationality and core culture. He illustrates how American business and government used their resources to assist in the teaching of immigrants both the language and culture. It was a time when an industrial powerhouse like Ford Motor Company was thinking in line with US Government, both creating schools that taught “American ways, the English language, and the right way to live.” Huntington goes further to explain how immigrants had a desire no only to assimilate, but how they internally believe in the United States as their Country. The decline of this belief in Core Culture is explained by way of Government trying to move to a multicultural position even as the American public remains strong to the Core Culture.

Huntington details how in several cases the Government was out of touch with the voters. Where both presidential candidates in 1988 opposed official English language measures on ballots in Florida, Arizona, and Colorado. Joined by many other government agencies and officials, the view of both candidates differed from elections results where all three measures passed easily. Huntington further goes on to explain the strong Hispanic influence in the United States and how that culture in particular resists molding into American Core Culture. Where America actually is bending to accommodate...
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