Pros and Cons of Uniforms

Topics: Education, Trousers, Dress code Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Name, Class, Date, Teacher Arguments For and Against School Uniforms Pro-Uniforms Many private and catholic schools have converting to uniforms rather than a “free dress” policy. Causing less distractions than student chosen attire and further defining the students primary academic focus, it can be clear to one why schools are adapting the new dress code. Not having to worry about if her shorts are too short or that shirt is showing too much skin, administration can focus on the education of their students rather than their dress code. In addition to leading student attention back onto academics, uniforms work to represent a unified front to a collected school. They put everyone attending the school on the same level, helping to prevent any bias from other students and faculty members. School uniforms not only benefit students inside the school, but at home as well, helping with the finance of student families. Uniforms are, in the long run, much more cost effective than a less restricted dress code. Having to buy fewer shirts and pants than that of a student’s wardrobe at a public school, families have less of a financial strain as the uniforms are just re-worn. Against Uniforms With many non-profit schools converting to school uniforms rather than the “free dress” policies of most public schools, some schools are wondering which option would be better suited for their student population. Taking into consideration that uniforms offer less of a distraction and what not, the majority of public schools have continued their previous dress codes. Uniforms suppress an opportunity to show individuality. Unable to represent to the student and faculty body what he/she may be wanting to show, a student is forced to fall into a state of lost identity. Students are also stripped from the great learning experience which having the choice to choose their own apparel provides when they are required to wear uniforms. When students are faced with the “real world”, whether that be...
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