Pros and Cons of Drugs

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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The Pros of Illegal Drugs

Many countries along with the United States have laws forbidding the possession, sale, and use of certain drugs ranging everywhere from marijuana to heroin. Though many countries classify these drugs as illegal, I believe certain ones are not as bad as people portray them as. In my mind, the illegal drug cannabis, also known as marijuana should be legalized since it can not only improve the economy but its side effects are not that foreign to other legal drugs.I believe marijuana should be legalized considering its side effects are not too extreme. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine should not be legalized. These drugs carry strong side effects and are damaging to the body, resulting in damage to the human body. A debatable point on the matter is the money these drugs produce. Some believe that legalizing these certain drugs will in turn help the suffering economy we are now facing. Though this may be true in some aspects, it is an awful idea in others. Yes, legalizing these drugs would bring in a large profit considering how pricy they are, however it also would be very harmful to the people using them. These drugs can be overdosed on very easily, and if so it can result in severe harm or even death. Marijuana on the other hand can also produce a large profit without those severe consequences. Side effects of marijuana are quite minor compared to other illegal drugs. It speeds up the user’s heart rate and causes physical impairment. The worst of its side effects are breathing difficulties and the increase in chances of getting lung cancer. These side effects are exactly the same as those of cigarette consumers. Smoking tobacco cigarettes carries the same side effects plus even more due to the buildup of tar it causes in the lungs and yet the sale and consumption of such a product is still legal. I see the use of marijuana as a combination of the consummation of alcohol and cigarettes at the same time. These side...
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