Proposal for Annotated Bibliography on Business Ethics

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Title: Annotated Bibliography for Proposed Project on Business Ethics Proposal
There are many different opinions in todays world about the necessity and importance of implementing a business ethics oath for all who wish to work in the corporate world. Society would greatly benefit from the implementation of a business ethics pledge being sworn by everyone who graduates from business school. Corporate greed would start to dwindle and there would be many more moral and ethical leaders in todays corporations. A business ethics pledge would help start corporate culture within todays leading businesses which can help not only keep a corporation ethical but help them to succeed financially and with their sustainability.

Annotated Bibliography
Gini, Al. "Business, Ethics, And Leadership In A Post Enron Era." Journal Of Leadership & Organizational Studies (Baker College) 11.1 (2004): 9-15. Business Source Complete. Web. 18 Oct. 2012. In this article, Al Gini describes how the ethics f leadership affect the ethics of the workplace and helps to form the ethical choices and decisions of the workers in the workplace. Gini goes on to explain that the central problem of ethics in business today Schweiger 2

is the absence of positive moral leadership and the neglected development of a moral culture within the corporation. He credits these problems for the rise in corporate greed and unethical behavior that occurs in todays society and economy. Gini describes how in todays world the availability and opportunity to express corporate greed has grown extensively due to the lack of moral leadership and a ethical corporate culture.

Wayne, Leslie. “A Promise to be Ethical in an Era of Immortality.” The New York Times
In this article, Leslie Wayne presents the idea that todays generations very different from yesterdays. Today students are more concerned about how corporations affect the community, the lives of its workers, and the environment. They are still...
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