Prophet Yusuf Questionnaire

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Multiple Choices
1. Who was prophet’s Yusuf’s brother?
a) Prophet Yunus
b) Prophet Yaqub
c) Prophet Ismail
2. Prophet Yusuf had a dream that e sun, the moon and ..............bowed to him a) 11 clouds
b) 11 stars
c) 11 planets
3. Why did his brothers hate him?
a) He annoyed them
b) They were jealous
c) They were afraid of him
4. What did they do to Prophet Yusuf when they took him hunting? a) Threw him in the ocean
b) Threw him in a well
c) Locked him in a tower
5. What it h brother tell their father when they returned without prophet Yusuf a) He fell into a well
b) He was eaten by a wolf
c) He was eaten by a lion
5. What was their father’s reaction to this?
a) He shouted at them
b) He cried
c) He went blind
6. What happened to Prophet Yusuf after the incident in the well? a) A shepherd found him
b) A minister found him
c) Some merchants found him
7. Who was he sold to?
a) The king
b) The minister
c) A shepherd
8. What quality of Yusuf’s made his master wife want to seduce him? A) His beauty
B) His charm
c) His nature
9. When he refused again and again the wife said either he listens or....... a) He gets kicked out of the house
b) Goes to jail
c) Go back home
10. The Prophet decided to.................
a) Get kicked out of the house
b) Goes to jail
c) Listen to the wife

Fill in the blanks
When pro het Yusuf was in __________, he met _____ men. They both had __________ they wanted him to interpret. One said in his ________ he was carrying _________ and birds were eating it. The other said he was pressing ____________. The prophet said one of them will go ________ and the other will _____________________ and die there. Essay question

Q) Do you think that it was right for prophets’ Yusuf’s bothers to do what they did? Why? How do you think this could have been prevented?
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