Proof That God Exists...

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I will focus on the intention of proving that God exists. Some people believe that God is real and that He was the one who “created” the world and who put Christianity together. I personally believe that people who aren’t religious or do not believe in Jesus Christ or God aren’t really up to standards with how the world was created and who the Miracle Worker of it all is truly. I will express my own opinion of how God and Jesus exist and how the Big Bang theory is just made up by scientists. I will prove this in my conclusion.

Main Part of My Essay

Some people feel that there is definite proof for God’s existence due to:

Personal Experience: For me, my personal experience is that, and this is true what I’m about to tell you, my dear mother passed on and that God and her are watching me and I feel like crying because I know that she is in my soul forever. This is personally directing towards my own life.

Personal Miracles: For me, my personal miracle, I find quite funny. When I was little, when my mother was alive, I couldn’t zip up my coat. So I asked my mum if she could help me. She tried and she failed. I asked her, ” Mummy, pray to God, he will help me zip up this coat,” and she said”OK. Please God; help Alice to zip up her little coat.” My mum tried again and it worked. My zip worked. I don’t know if it was the power of God that did it for me or that my mum is a really strong person. But this is my personal miracle and I believed it was God.

Religious Miracles:

A miracle is an event that appears to be unexplainable by the laws of nature. So it is held to be as a supernatural or ghostly feeling as an act of God. There are several views on religious miracles: 1. Many religious people see miracles as signs of Jesus Christ or God and those who experience miracles to be divine and are a favour of God. 2. Others believe that there’s a supernatural world and miracles happen through that. 3. Many others believe that a supernatural...
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