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Topics: Discrimination, Prejudice, Abuse Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person due prejudice, stereotyping and being judgemental. People can discriminate for a number of reasons; this could range from race, gender ethnicity, disability, Discrimination can be obvious or not obvious depending on the situation, overt discrimination is obvious and open so every one can see and know what's happening, the opposite of overt discrimination this is more hard to see or notice as its discrimination which is hidden.

A basis of discrimination could be stereotyping someone, stereotyping someone is creating ideas of characteristics without even know them; this is a basis as the stereotyping could lead to discrimination by treating someone unfairly. An example of this could be in a social care setting where a nursery helper stereotypes a child with ADHD as trouble and being difficult so they decide to leave the child out of group activities this could cause the child distress and upset and is a form of bullying, the nursery helper may not realise the effects and what they are doing to the child, but it is discrimination due to them leaving the child out.

Prejudice could be a key factor that leads to discrimination; prejudice is a judgement made about someone when a person can know nothing about the person it also involves judging people and making assumptions about a group of people. When a person is prejudice in health and social care then it will affect their work and the person won't be treated fairly an example of prejudice in health and social care could be being prejudice to someone because of a religion, a health care visitor could be discriminative to someone due to them being Christian and they may think they will raise their child in a strange or different way because of this, this could turn into discrimination due to them reporting them or neglect or abuse.

Bullying is where there's someone who is treating a person unfairly either physically or socially like, hurtful names or...
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