Prometheus and Jesus

Topics: Greek mythology, Prometheus, Zeus Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Prometheus was a Greek titan who, according to myth, gave us fire (among other things). Like with many Greek mythological figures, there are many different legends about him. The most definitive work about him is the book "Prometheus Bound" by Aeschylus.

Here are the claims given by critics:

1. He descended from Heaven as God incarnate to save mankind.

First of all, Prometheus wasn't 'God'. The Greek equivalent of the Judeo-Christian God was Zeus. There were also many lesser gods in Greek religion, and Prometheus wasn't even a lesser god. He was a titan. Neither was Prometheus aligned with God/Zeus as Jesus was, but was frequently in conflict with him.

Prometheus did, however, save mankind, but not in the way Jesus did. Prometheus did not save us from sin or damnation in the afterlife, but had stopped Zeus from destroying mankind.

2. Was born of a god and a human virgin on December 25th.

Neither of his parents were gods, humans or virgins. They were both titans. His father was Iapetos, his mother Klymene. And Klymene was not a virgin. According to one version (Theogany 508-510), "Iapetos took Klymene, the light-stepping daughter of Okeanos, to be his wife, and mounted into the same bed with her." And there's nothing about his being born on 12/25.

3. He had a friend named 'Patraeus' (Peter), a fisherman, who deserted him.

The critics here are referring back to Oceanus, with one of them stating that the names Oceanus and Patraeus are interchangable. The critic fails to explain how they're interchangable, and there's no rules in Greek language or name systems which would suggest that they are. Oceanus was a fellow titan associated with rivers, though there is no reference to his being a fisherman or catching any fish. In "Prometheus Bound", he appears briefly, offering to intercede with Zeus over a disagreement between Zeus and Prometheus. Prometheus sends Oceanus away, afraid that his intercession would put Oceanus at...
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