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Don’t Slip Up And Take A Fall
Falls are among the most common workplace incidents, and can cause some of the most serious injuries.

While we commonly think of falls from heights as the most serious, falls from the same level can also cause severe injury and death.

Most workplace falls are the result of slipping or tripping.  Here are some guidelines for preventing falls:

• Keep your work area free of clutter and obstructions.  Tripping over stored materials, scrap or equipment is a common cause of falls. • Make sure traffic areas are clear.  Air hoses, phone cords and power cables should not run across walkways.  Instead, fasten them overhead or run them through conduits. • Floor surfaces should be maintained to prevent tripping hazards.  Report problems such as loose tiles and torn carpets. • Close desk drawers and cabinet doors right away so someone does not fall over them. • Clean up spills promptly.  If you cannot do so, barricade the area and report the spill.  Even a splash of coffee on a tile floor or a puddle of water in the entryway can cause a serious fall.

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Availability: A Tidy Work Environment Is A Safety Requirement

Keeping the area neat and clean reduces the chances of injury, and results in a more pleasant and comfortable place to work. Nobody is suggesting you need to polish the furniture and set out vases of freshly cut flowers, but you should keep the clutter and scrap cleaned up.

Good housekeeping at work helps prevent:

• Crowded conditions which can cause falls and other injury incidents. • Fire involving accumulations of combustible and flammable materials. • Illnesses spread by insects, rodents and other biological agents. • Electrical shock, cuts and other injuries related to defective equipment. A quick once-over with the shop vacuum as you finish a task can save you a major job of removing dust from the rafters at a later date. Filing your work orders while you still remember what they are about goes quicker than sorting a desk piled with papers a month later.

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If you let it build up it could blow you away.

Combustible Dust Packs and Explosive Punch. If you think of explosion hazards, combustible dust may not be the first item on your list, but don't underestimate its potentially devastating consequences.

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ptio keeping the work area tidy, orderly and clean - is an important part of virtually every job, every day.  Good housekeeping is a sign of a well executed and completed job, concientious workers, and a healthy safety culture.  Good housekeeping leads to not only safer work and safer environments, but more efficient work, as tools and equipment can be located more quickly and easily.

This week we want to focus on one particular aspect of housekeeping - cleaning up when a job is complete.  In future weeks we will cover housekeeping during a job, and housekeeping in general around working areas.  But for the moment, we want to discuss with the people we are observing how they are going to leave their current work area, and why it is important to clean up.

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