Project Management 6302

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Project Management 6302
The Family Planning Research Center of Nigeria
Yu Hsu (Yeena)

Project planning can best be described as the function of selecting the enterprise objectives and establishing the policies, procedures, and programs necessary for achieving them. In this case, Dr. Adinombe Watage is a director of the Family Planning Research Center in Nigeria’s Over-The- River Province. He was assigned a project needs to be done within 60 days and they just have 10 workers for this case. After they calculate, they found out that they need to spend 94 days to complete this project. If they use the Pathminder Fund to hire more employees to speed it up. They still need to estimate the lowest cost for this project.

Project Planning

The goal of the project is that to organize and train five teams of field workers as part of a large project to demonstrate acceptance of a new method of birth control.

Scope Statement

The workers need to receive specific training regarding the new method of contraception.

Project Code: BC2012-01| Project name:Training of new method of birth control| Product Description:This training must be professionally. This training must be organized.This training must be prepared.This training should be attractive.This training should be fun and easy to absorb.| Project Requirements (Required Capabilities of Deliverables)| This project will increase professionally of participants. | This project will help to control the birth.| This project will spread the new method of birth control to more people. | Project Boundaries:We have 10 people in our organization. We have $25,400 and 60 days to finish this project. We have Pathminder Fund to use. We need to prepare those for use in training the workers.We need to prepare those for distribution in the field.We need to take care of participants’ accommodations.| Deliverables/Milestones:This project will increase professionally of participants.This project will help to control the birth.This project will spread the new method of birth control to more people.| Project Acceptance Criteria:We need to have progress report every week.Project manager need to know the rate of progress every day. | | Identified Risks:The organization might not be able to find the faculty. The project may spend a lot of money to short the days.| Constraints:We only have 10 people in our organization. The project needs to complete in 60 days.| Assumptions:The participants will get more gains from this training. The training will help more people to know contraception.| Funding Limit:36,100| Cost Estimate:25,400| Schedule Limitation:60 Days|



The activity of this project is that the organization holds training section to demonstrate acceptance of a new method of birth control. The workers in the organization need to complete this project in 60 days. Also, they just have 10 workers in the organization.

Activity Sequencing

According to this diagram, we can see some of this task need to start by the other task is done. For example, the Make accommodations, Identify team and Transport faculty to base need to start by Identity faculty and their schedule is done.

Some of these activities can be start together, such Identity faculty and their schedule, Arrange transport to base; Identify and collect training materials can be start together. These activities start together can reduce the days and make the project doing well.

Duration Estimating

The duration estimating in this case is 94 days. However, this project needs to be completed in 60 days, and Dr. Watage replied that some of the task can be forward in parallel. Such as activity A, B and C.

Network of Tasks

We can find that some of the tasks can be done by parallel from the above diagram. The activity A, B, and C can start together. And then the activity D, E, G, and H can be done together. The activity F and I can do together. Therefore, some...
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