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Topics: Love, Emotion, 2005 singles Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: July 20, 2012
ENG 111
June 22, 2012

A Model of Happiness

Janet Irma Victor was born on July 25, 1952. Janet, originally from Haiti, moved to New York with her family at sixteen years old. Coming from a large family with two brothers and three sisters,she was determined to be successful and have a joyful life. She majored in Human Resources and managementat Columbia University. Janet defines happiness as an agreeable feeling of joy and wellbeing. She enjoys being active, meeting new people, and being with friends. Her definition has evolved over the years. She says, "When you are young, you do not think about happiness, because you are born with a certain personality. You are always happy because it is acquired."  Janet knows that she is happy when she is not depressed. She said, "Happiness is a feeling inside where you don't mope. You have to beactive, and pleasant to people." When I asked her how she feels or react when she is unhappy; she answered, "When I am down I try to keep myself occupied. I will not pass it on anybody else; since it is my personal issue I have to deal with it." I asked her what could make her unhappy she said, "I do not mope or get sad about other people. I am never sad." She has many activities that contribute to her happiness. She loves to read; she likes to meet and be with friends or colleagues; and she likes sewing, working out for hobbies. Indeed, everything that can keep her active. When I askedJanet how other people's attitudes affect her, she said that she is concerned when there is arguing, or when people are sad. In such a case, she will try to comfort them and make them feel at ease. Janet's childhood had an effect on her sense of happiness. "I had a dear mother who learned me a lot. She had a level four cancer, but that never got me down. I also had two brothers. I faced many difficulties in my childhood, but I was blessed to have my personality, so they did not get me down. My siblings however, got knocked...
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