Professional Development

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According to Guskey (2001), Professional Development refers to the intentionally designed endeavours to bring about improvement and change in the professionals towards a planned goal and vision of achievement. These goals determine what to include in professional development, which processes and procedures to develop and follow and what criteria to use to assess and evaluate the process. Guskey (2001) further outlines the following steps to be taken to ensure that professional development achieves what it intends to: 1. Professional development endeavours should have a clear vision and goals. 2. The goals should be meaningful.

3. The goal assessment criteria should be clear upfront.
Using these guidelines, the professional development skills will be planned and assessed so that achievement of strategic direction of the organisation is supported. This assignment criterion is dealt by assuming my own personal and professional development plans, and its assessment and evaluation. P 1.1 Use of appropriate methods for the evaluation of personal skills required to achieve strategic goals. Personal skills of organisational members are crucial in fulfilling the task requirements efficiently which will be the basis for the achievement of the strategic goals of the organisations. The methods for evaluating what personal skills are necessary for the objective of supporting the strategic goals are discussed below: SMART Objectives

SMART is the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound ( The objectives I target for my professional development should meet these requirements that are discussed below: i. Objectives should be Specific

A well defined objective is the first necessity for the evaluation of the personal skills I develop for my professional development. If my objectives are vague, my efforts for professional development will be a waste of time. ii. Objectives should be Measurable

A yardstick should be set for my objective so that it can be measured to confirm that it has been achieved. For example, if my objective is to improve my computer skills I can state it as: To take computer classes to learn the proper use of MsOffice within the end of next month. This way, I can check if my objective of learning the computer skill is achieved by the end of next month or not. iii. Objectives should be Achievable

Another evaluation of my objective will depend upon to what extent my objectives are attainable. If I set my career goals that are beyond my reach in terms of resources or my time, then the goals cannot be achieved. This does not however mean that my objectives. iv. Relevant Objectives should be set

For success in my professional development plan, my objectives should be relevant to my vision and the career I am working upon. For example, if my vision is to be a successful management expert, I should choose actions that are relevant to the context. v. The objectives should be time-bound

There should be a specific time set for achieving my professional development objective. Each goal set to achieve the goal should be stated in terms of the time that I plan to achieve it. Prioritising work tasks

Giving appropriate priority to different tasks as per their importance is a very important personal skill for professionals to achieve strategic goals for themselves and the organisation. Inefficiency and stress result from the failure to prioritise tasks in the work setting for professionals. The following tips can be helpful to prioritise tasks so that more efficiency and less stress results from the work tasks one has to perform in the professional field (, 2011): * The first step is to make lists of what one has to perform or what are the tasks. * Then the time constraints of the tasks should be sorted out so that the tasks which have to be done at the moment and which can...
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