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Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 7 (1133 words) Published: November 23, 2012
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North American Colonies Project

Part 1: Native American Resources
Access and review the Early Native Peoples interactive map link available through the HIS 110 [pic] page. Study the map identifying the regional distribution of Native Americans (also located in Ch. 1). Using the grid, identify the seven regions. Then indicate how each of the native tribes within the regions supported themselves prior to the arrival of European civilizations.

|Region: |Principle Basis of Subsistence: | |Artic |Fished and hunted seals. | |Northern Forests |Big game hunters. | |Pacific Northwest |Salmon fishing. | |Far West |Fishing, hunting small game, and gathering. | |Southwest |Farming and trading. | |Plains |Farming and hunting. | |Woodlands |Farming, hunting, gathering, and fishing. |

Part 2: Contributions Grid
Complete the Contributions Grid by describing the contributions of the three groups of peoples, Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans, to the creation of the British North American Colonies. List the aspects of each of these peoples—Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans—that contributed to the development of the British Colonies.

| |NATIVE AMERICANS: |EUROPEAN |AFRICANS | |Economic |Fishing, gathering, farming, and hunting.|Created goods which they either sold or |Trade with the Mediterranean world: | |Structure | |traded. |ivory, gold and slaves. Economies based | | | | |on resources of the lands they inhabited:| | | | |farming and hunting etc.. | |Political |Tribes had chiefs and the chiefs had |Centralized nation-states. With the |North: Ghana and Mali Empire. | |Structure |advisors. |monarchs and their courts as the ultimate|South: A village system that was very | | | |law of the land. |family orientated. | | | | |Both men and women choose leaders of | | | | |their own gender to handle their gender | | | | |affairs. | |Social System |Woman had a big part of the social |A class system. There were the rich, not |Maternal – families traced through | | |structure. They had big roles in their |so rich and poor. Male gender dominated. |mother’s side. Jobs were separated | | |families too. Most of the jobs and duties|...
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