Productivity and Scheduling: Hard Rock Delivers

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  • Published : May 20, 2008
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TUI University

Susan R. Patchen

OPM 500

Module 5 Case Assignment
Productivity and Scheduling: Hard Rock Delivers

Dr. Yufeng Tu
Core and Coordinating Professor

22 March 2008
A restaurant is successful in large part because it is able to provide a variety of products many people will want to purchase. Hard Rock Café has cracked the code of this challenge. Considering forecasting, scheduling, employee turnover and productivity are vital to Hard Rock’s continued success. This paper will briefly discuss each of these areas and what Hard Rock can do to mitigate challenges in each area. Finding the fine balance that addresses employees’ needs and the productivity of the restaurant is the goal of the Hard Rock General Manager Ken Hoffman (1).

When forecasting sales in the service industry, businesses must consider several factors related to their business. For restaurants like Hard Rock Café, taking into consideration the season, holidays, time of day, day of week, time of the month in relation to paydays, and meals served is necessary for effective forecasting of sales (2). Using historical data for the year prior is also effective, however, not 100% accurate (1). Events happening in the area can also contribute to the sales forecast if considered conservatively (1). Hoffman must understand these factors directly affect sales in the restaurant. Success can be achieved by accurate forecasting and giving the customer what they want.

Another key to a successful restaurant is to understand that employees want to be a part of a team. Feeling important and part of that team goes a long way to making them want to stay with their employer. This can be especially challenging in large restaurants; however, it is not impossible. Benefits and flexible schedules are also great incentives and could be the difference between employees staying and leaving the restaurant. Another incentive is giving them responsibility, letting them take ownership...
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