Product Strategy

Topics: Smartphone, Marketing, Competition Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Product Strategy
According to the smartphone market nowadays the level of competitiveness is very intense. Those major brands in the market such as iPhone and Samsung are trying to make their product outstand from other competitors. Therefore, in order for our business to gain some market share of this market, we apply for a product-differentiation strategy.

Product-differentiation strategy makes Exoquip to put a good distance between our product and other existing competitor’s product. First, we differentiate mainly in term of design& features. We make our product to be more convenience. Exoquip allows customer to wear their smartphone on their wrist or they can just carry it as same as the normal smartphone. Second, with the several bracelet designs, customers can personalize them to match with their own preference. Lastly, our product is focusing on the durability. From our customers, especially athletes and outdoor workers, the durability of the product is one of the main factors that they usually consider before buying a particular product. So, in order to satisfy their desired, we try to come up with the product which has more durability if compare with other competitors.

Our business is applying product-differentiation strategy because we see that the level of competitiveness in the smartphone market is very high. Also, we can see the gap of those existing smartphones still cannot satisfy some group of the customers. Therefore, we bring product-differentiation strategy to create our product uniqueness and superior from other competitors. In addition, because we are the new for this market, to fight with other competitors, especially with the well-known brands is very risk for our business.
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