Procedure of Data Collection

Topics: Qualitative research, Focus group, Quantitative research Pages: 11 (3752 words) Published: December 9, 2012

Introduction P 2

Procedure of Data Collection P 3

(1) Questionnaires P 4
(2) Document Review P 10
(3) Observation P 11

Data Recording P 12

Conclusion P 13

Reference P 14


Planning the research by placing boundaries around would work through the process of building a triangulate data-collection plan. It began by taking one research question at a time and continued until the researcher believed that the multiple sources of data could provide a credible, valid and reliable answer. The study might be a significant test or expansion of the research. The researcher could make use of the concepts developed by other researchers and set similar questions. The research would add to theory to fully pursue the researcher in the review of related literature. Finding out the theory outline the project’s potential contribution to knowledge by describing how it fits into theoretical. The research question, literature review and research design were tie-in with the significance question. To ensure the exploration of the demonstrating of knowledge, qualitative methods were the most appropriate for the conduct of the research. It could convince the reader that the research was significant. The convincing explanation for qualitative methods should include a strong rationale based on the framework as well as the specific data collection methods. A specific data collection mode was often based on complicated assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each data collection. Mixing data collection methods could provide the best achievement for large size research. Coverage error and nonresponse error would be reduced, so data quality could be improved. Once the data were gathered, we needed to sort, label and analyze. Suitable patterns and themes could help supporting the work and developing findings. Data collection in research could be carried out various data collection methods. Most data might from an interviewer’s response, face-to-face interview, focus group interview or questionnaires. Computer-assisted data collection was commonly used from 1999s. We combined the quantitative and qualitative research in coding the justifications of the data. Data coding could remain true to qualitative research assumptions. It might also undergo revision as the analysis proceeds. Data collection and analysis built a coherent interpretation. Before analyzing the data, we should consider the process of transforming “raw data” into useful to produce the information found in the results. Quantitative data helped giving strongly impression of the factual accuracy. It was appropriate to keep close to the raw data so that the readers could clear the relationship between the raw data and the results.

Procedure of data collection

When the researcher determined in advance what data should gather and what analysis techniques should use with the data to answer the research questions, data gathered might be largely qualitative and quantitative. Data collection could come from questionaries, interviews, doucmnetation review and observation. After using designed tools and collecting evidence properly, the researcher had to ensure that it was well constructed. Cross-case examination and within-case examination helped ensuring external validity. Systematic organization of data came from various sources could prevent overwhelmed. Advanced preparation assisted in handling evidence interpreted into both accurate and meaningful. The following questions might be considered as the guideline:

1. How was the data collected?
2. What sources of data were employed?
3. What rules of data were applied?
4. How will data be verified and confirmed?
5. How was the data been interpreted to get the conclusion?...
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