Problems Police Officers Face

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Problems Police Officers Face
Cierra Stewart
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Introduction to Criminal Justice
James Loughlin
May 22nd, 2013

Today being a police officer is more than just chasing a bad guy on a high speed chase or making an arrest. Many police officers deal with job stress which causes things to go wrong in their personal life. Many departments have come to terms with this and now offer help to those who need it. Officers and departments are also dealing with corruption and how to resolve this issue. It is rare but, it is not rare enough to go unnoticed. A police officer is supposed to be there in a time of need when someones safety has been compromised, not to make a deal with the criminal so that the police officer and criminal both get what they want.

Problems Police Officers Face
Police officers are just like everyday people, who also deal with their own problems on the job. Like many other jobs, job stress can be one of the worst parts of having a job. Job stress can be one of the main reasons people choose to leave the job. Another problem is corruption in law enforcement that many police departments deal with on a daily bases. As many people know, law enforcement is not a walk in the park. Like many other jobs, job stress can be one of the worst parts of having a job. Police officers see more than most of us will ever see in our lifetime. For example, I know of a man, who is now a retired police officer who has seen a lot of stuff; from as little as taking someone into jail for driving under the influence to being the first on the scene of a murder. He had a hard time separating home from work, which caused his marriage to fail. This man does not like to talk about the things he has seen, and still has many restless nights. There are many reasons that can cause stress; it is categorized into four different detailed stressors. These detailed stressors are external, organizational, duty and, individual stressors. An...
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