Problems of Parents and Children

Topics: Reality, Need, Problem solving Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: December 16, 2012
I think a problem of parents and children was very actual in early 1990s, at the time when elders that spent most of their life in conservative realities of the USSR. And this was not because they were adherents of that ideology, but because they had used to live in that realty.

We live at the time when any youth's rush act can bring serious problems. In these situations, they need help of more experienced people. Mostly they are parents or elder people. They are always eager to help us. Yet can elders always able to help us? Is their help pertinent in some situations? Maybe no one knows that. Youth always aims to the future and makes progress. Sometimes young people think that principles that elders adhere are old and do not fit modern reality. They can’t persuade their parents that they are already adults and want to build their life as they want. As children grow older, it is harder to them to accept their independence. Children avoid parents’ misunderstanding, and they do not want to listen to their instructive stories about “When I was at your age… . ”

However, all things that we have are gained thanks to elders. Parents take care of us and worry about us. Sometimes their methods of education may seem too strict, but what prevents us not to make our parents to be anxious about us? If we ask elders about their attitude toward youth, most of them will say that we are the future, hope and the new fate of society.

I think this problem is one of the things that a person should solve individually, and build relationships with elders basing on respect and love.
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