Problems of Cyber Crime

Topics: Terrorism, Computer, Crime Pages: 4 (1047 words) Published: June 10, 2011
Some problems of cyber crime and cyber terrorism fighting

The international community has come to new epoch - information society epoch. At present the human activity depends on telecommunication technologies used in almost all fields of people activity (communications, transport, space, power industry, water supplying, finances, trading, science, education, defense, public maintenance of law and order, medicine and so). In 1998 there were connected to Internet only 143 millions of people, but in 2001 the users quantity has reached to 700 millions. Russian Internet segment yet has 6 millions users or so.

Rapid developing of telecommunications and global computer networks has created the reasons, which allow to commit of cyber crimes in the high technologies field more easier. The telecommunication technologies opportunities use by criminal organizations very widely. The typical examples of such kind of crimes are:

-transmitting of crimes collected capitals,
-untaxed financial operations,
-cracks and weapon sales through Internet,
-crimes connections commitment by use of E-mail,
-compromising" spreading,
-theft of passwords and accessing networks codes,
-unlawful information coping, including commercial and confidential one, -hacker attacks,
-producing and use of cloned personal radio-electronic measures ("similar").

By the way many of these crimes by idea, committing and results may be named as terrorist actions.

Terrorist actions in the cyberspace could be done not only isolated persons or terrorist groups, but one state against another. By that cyber terrorism not differ from other kind of terrorism by nothing. Extremist groups, separatist forces, advocates of ideas, which defy to the universal values intensive use of modern technologies for their idea propaganda and information wars conduction.

So, creating of finding and neutrality of influence on the information technologies is the main task of the society and it...
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