Problem Solving Assessment Ix

Topics: Trigraph, Gh Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: June 14, 2013

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Booklet code

?R gfdz{./Test Booklet No. Series : HRL


-TFtTe[rd3iltffiFT/Problem Solving Assessment Trcr€€n i5'qt -D(/Class-IX Code No. 091 P vra ergcft : *d)
Time Allowed : Two Hours

srfcra;ilcltie; : e0
Maximum Marks : 90

g€ t*-gftt

This Test Booklet contains32 fages, Do not open this Test Booklet until you are asked to do so' rgfeqvi fttU/tmportant Instructions !

ga*a q} rE rm q .;1d t6r ir.Fenqqii t"1 qd * ftrq c u'€rqR t { 32y.6 t r 5g ?3pg

;"is:;;t6ffi*.ili'i****tt*s6+c*ffi+ft{sfitRnfrqrqTq,irfsir{,FFFerflfi*s'rd, cr& qff, fr o-eno qrq qrqqrfi t fr qt t

elnt*-r silifu - 2i+{€

zigBat+Sk5+;tcvt$ i;rq,friorttu*ref+?eg3A-iq]s+sqv***fr*, 6#ffi:it"i:i#[*=r;{ qrs{ t *r gra $ffi i, tumfi iH t€ g-6tc wr rrr*+1 *ftq ftteffiElqdlq ii* i iiiiqft printed on Side 2 The Test Booklet Code for this TestBooklet is 83. The Student should checkcarefully that the TestBooklet Code ttre In caseof discrepancy, Studentshould immediately rePort the matter to of ttreAnswer Sheetis the sameas printed on TestBooklet. the invieilator for replacementof both the Test Bookletand the Answer Sheet'

and fill in the The Answer Sheetis inside this TestBooklet. When you directed to open the Test Booklet,take out the Answer Sheet particularson side - 1 and side - 2 carefully with blue/blackball point pen only. - -

,. frffi'il;qlq#{s,d"ilrHt-umqtrrinrot 3ft{#mt 18vFrt I
q'f q,,ilftc,HtsR(yscd.ri

r+fqlzacF,q'f r'AsTtrq}*1s$ftdqs,il+rl{{$T{r3{rEIFrmt *lre cs-{

d d,{unq-*n-S (vsi t. zst 42),qrf 'qERTsil* (wrast oo) zn),q'f

eFT o .'fl"*fr.#i-.8p|6rr- iii"aA;)'F wittteo.TidE5qTkqffiMces v*rtqql*qulfr$ggffi^MCQs i'ffiql*1v$frmmq+q t i#
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