Pro Gun Control

Topics: Firearm, Crime, Gun Control Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The topic of gun control has always been a volatile topic often discussed in politics. Gun control may be defined as any law, practice or policy proposed to restrict or limit the possession, use or production of guns by citizens of our country. The topic of gun control increased in popularity in the 1960’s when national crime rates dramatically increased. “With more than 20,000 laws on the books at the local, state and federal levels, firearms are in fact one of the most regulated products in America,” says the National Riffle Association. (Can Gun Control Work? pg.19) The argument for gun control is that it will lower the crime rates nationally, increase prevention of suicides as well as avoid illegal obtaining of guns. “A policy that reduces the availability of handguns will reduce the amount of firearms violence.” (How Can Gun Violence Be Reduced; pg.11) However I do not agree with this argument. “Gun confiscation leads to a loss of freedom, increased crime, and the government moving to the left.” (How Can Gun Violence Be Reduced; pg.18) My position on the topic of gun control is that an increase in gun control will not only infringe on our rights as a citizen (i.e. the second Amendment), it will also increase the crime rates because many people who use guns for violence will turn to other illegal means to obtain their firearm, and the increase use of the black market will impair our economy. Violent crime is what makes guns a big social problem and causes the motivation for gun control. “There is a gun crisis in the United States. Between 1933 and 1982, nearly one million Americans were killed by firearms in murders, suicides and accidents. Since 1960 alone, more than half a million have died as a result of gun injuries. In 1992, at least 35,000 died in gunfire. Today, among all consumer products, only cars outpace guns as a cause of fatal injury, and guns will likely pass them by 2002.” (Can Gun Control Work? Pg. 3)
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