Pro Forma Template, Useful Analytical Tool for Texts.

Topics: Narrative, First-person narrative, Narratology Pages: 2 (269 words) Published: October 15, 2010

-What is the time and place of the story?
-Don these have any bearing on or importance to the story?
-Does the setting vary, of is it static?
-Are characters affected by the setting? How?

-Is there a particular atmosphere created?
-How is this created?
-What effect does it have on characters and events

-What does the author tell us about the characters? Ie. Descriptive presentation? -What do the characters reveal about themselves by what they think, say and do, i.e. the ‘dramatic’ presentation? -How do the characters respond to stress and conflict?

-What do others think of particular characters and their relationships? -How do the characters change or develop?

-Is the character in conflict with (an)other character(s)?
-What form does this conflict take?
-Does the character face an inner conflict?
-Is there some conflict with an outside force or nature?
-Is the character in conflict with the values or attitudes of society? -Is the conflict resolved? How?
-What effect does the conflict have on the character and/or events

-Is the story told in the first person point of view (I/we), or third person point of view (he/she/they) -Does this affect the reader’s understanding of the story?

-What is the form of narration – diary, flashback, narrative prose? -How is language being used – sentence structure, vocabulary -What devices or techniques are employed – imagery, contrasts, repitition, symbol?

-Is a comment being made on some particular aspect of life? -Is some message being implied by the sequence of events?
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