Private School Should Receive Public Funding

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Private school should receive public funding
Today I’m going to talk about if private schools should receive public funding or not. In my in opinion I don’t think that private schools should receive government funding because the parents pay all this extra money to go to these schools with more books, supplies, more and up to date computers and also smaller classes so that the students can get more time to ask questions one on one to the teacher. One in three students are educated by private schools so that means that 2/3 of students go to public schools. A recent poll shows that 70 per cent of people think that private schools receive too much money from the federal government. To go to a private school it can be around $30 000 dollars a year, but in the other hand public schools are only $60 to $1000 dollars a year. If private schools are getting all this money from parents, why would they need help from the government while public schools get nothing compared to private schools? In Australia we are a democratic country that means that everyone should have an equal opportunity but that does not happen. Private schools are very selective to who goes to their schools. Public schools have to accept any student by law because they pay taxes. Private schools increase their fees because they need new equipment while public schools need to ask the government for money to do so which is difficult to get. Private schools also have a greater selection in subjects than public schools. This gives public schools a disadvantage. Public schools only receive their money from the government while private schools get thousands of dollars from the parents as well money from the government. There was a report by the government saying that they need to invest 5 billion dollars on to the school funding system. The government needs to give more money to public schools and also put a system in place to focus on what each school really requires. For example if a school’s maths...
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