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Dawen S. Laygo R1A
Nature of the Workforce – the changing workplace is driven by the organizational issues described above and enabled by techonologies that support mobilility and easy access to information. These pressures and opportunities however, have not resulted in a specific new workplace model.many models and ideas exist concurrently, wih design depending upon the organization, its work practice, culture, and customers.

Changing for individuals and groups.
1. Cognitive Competence
2. Social and Interactive Competence
3. The new Psychological Contract between employees and employers 4. Changes in process and place.

Economic Shock - Unexpected, unpredictable events which result in drastic economic changes. Changes can be either positive or negative and are often caused by natural disasters. * An event that produces a significant change within an economy, despite occurring outside of it. Economic shocks are unpredictable and typically impact supply or demand throughout the markets

Changing for individuals and groups.
1. Sudden stops in capital flows to emerging markets. 2. Instability in Currency Value
3. Recessions
4. Commodity shocks
Social Trends - A persistent change in social relations and social structure over time. Trends are the aggregate effect of many uncoordinated individual and group actions, e.g.,bureaucratization industrialization, urbanization, suburbanization, etc. Social trends also affect individuals even though individuals may be largely unaware that it affects others also in a similar manner. Four social trends already changing your business.

1. Data-responsive brands will rapidly gain ground.
2. The omnichannel appetite will separate winners from losers. 3. Humanizing consumers will enhance marketing.
4. Brands will become media.
World Politics - Providing a foundation for a comparative understanding of political...
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