Principles of Training Essay

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Principles of Training ESSAY
➢ Name and describe the principles
➢ Explain how they are used
➢ What they can be used for


People get involved in physical activities for a number of reasons: to improve their health and physical condition, to achieve a sporting ambition, to relieve the tension and the stress of daily life, to lose weight, and activities make people feel good. Participating in sport encourages team work, develops the element of competitiveness, provides a physical challenge and the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. There are several main principles of training that can improve an athlete’s performance. The six main principles of training are consist of the specificity principle, the principle of individual differences, the principle of overload, the principle of progression, the principle of reversibility and the principle of diminishing returns. All these principles can apply or relate to a high school soccer student.

BODY: (apply these principles to a high school soccer student)

The specificity principle is when the type of training that you do should be specific to you and your sport. It states that in order to reach maximum training effects for a specific sport, the training needs to be as close to that sport as possible. According to the specificity principle, simple becoming more aerobically fir will not give you maximum benefits in the sport. For example: swimmers must train by swimming and soccer players must train by running or sprinting. This is because both sports involve different muscle group. The principle of individual differences states that all athletes have different physical and psychological makeup. This means that all athletes will participate to training differently and all athletes need to be trained differently because what works for one person, may not work for another....
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