Princess Mononoke

Topics: Princess Mononoke, Attack!, God Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: May 9, 2011
The last Emishi prince, Ashitaka, engages in battle with Nago, a giant boar demon attacking his village. During the fight, Ashitaka is wounded on his arm. After the boar is killed, the village wisewoman tells the prince that the wound is cursed and will spread to the rest of his body, eventually killing him. Ashitaka resolves to journey to the boar's origin, the lands to the west, and find a cure for the curse. He cuts his hair, signifying his permanent departure from his village,[4] and leaves on Yakul, his red elk. Some time later, Ashitaka passes by a village being attacked by samurai. Some of the men attack him, forcing Ashitaka to defend himself. His cursed arm displays supernatural powers, primarily superhuman strength, causing his arrows to remove limbs and even the head of one man. In a nearby town he meets Jigo, a wandering monk who aids him in buying rice. That evening, the monk tells Ashitaka that he might find help by the forest spirit in the mountains of the west populated by giant animal gods. The monk also adds that the forest is a no-go zone for humans. A nearby town in the mountains of the west, called Iron Town (or Ironworks), continually clears the nearby forests to make charcoal to smelt ironsand, leading to battles with the giant forest beasts attempting to protect their diminishing forest. In one such battle, three giant wolves, led by the wolf god Moro, attack villagers transporting rice. They are accompanied by San, a human girl adopted by the wolves whom the people of Iron Town call "the Wolf Girl" and "Princess Mononoke" (meaning "pesky demon" or "poltergeist"). In the attack Moro and several villagers are injured. The day following the battle, Ashitaka finds two injured villagers near a river. While rescuing them, he sees San treating Moro's wounds, and she disappears quickly. He returns the villagers to Iron Town passing through a forest full of bestial gods, including diminutive tree spirits called kodama. Also in the forest is the...
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