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Diana Spencer was born in England on July 1st 1961 and past away on 31st of August 1997. She was married to Prince Charles and had two beautiful sons William and Harry. Diana attended high school at West Heath Girls School in Kent, England. It was here where she learned to be a good listener, which was one of her foremost qualities to becoming a leader. She was able to engage people, and make people feel like she had their complete attention. Leadership is quality that means a lot more than people presume it to be. A leader doesn’t have to be a poser to a corporate company or country, but rather a person that leads by example. That person being Diana, through her charitable pursuits being a example to follow by.

Diana’s family had always been close to the royal family. Her maternal grandmother, Ruth was a longtime friend of, Queen Elizabeth. Prince Charles was in his mid 30’s when the pressure for marriage was increasing. He had to gain approval from his family, and Diana fulfilled all these qualifications. He accepted her as a bride and then the engagement was announced the 24th of February 1981. Upon her marriage, Diana’s leadership role grew as she accepted the role of Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales. She was then ranked as the third most senior royal woman in the united kingdom after the Queen.

One of the most common roles of being a princess is to play a representative to your country and also to your family, whilst always supporting your husband. During her marriage, Diana’s role was president or patron of over 100 charities or cultural groups. As a royal tradition, any princess or queen plays a leadership role in lots of non profit groups, taking the title of a patron. Diana’s involvement was much more than that, she was acknowledged in helping several british charities and playing an internationally important role in pulling some consideration to AIDS, the dangers of land mines and even to suffering caused by leprosy.

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