Primum Non Nocere: the Ethics of Responsibility

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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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Primum Non Nocere: “Above all, not knowingly to do harm”, this have been a philosophy believe to be appropriate for professionals to take into harm. A manager is inclined with various responsibilities to his organization and his subordinates. Being a manager takes more than just control and a goal-oriented attitude, it is important that a manager does his action crucially and vigilantly. It is a basic rule of professional ethics, and that of which is public responsibility.

To be oriented with this philosophy, managers should be instilled with the idea that to fully live by it, they should be aware and conscious with their deeds, words and behaviors towards interaction with others. A manager should always be able to thoroughly think through his actions, that way he may be able to weigh the intensity of such intervention and be considerate of every factors and aspect present in the situation. Social harm should be eradicated as soon as identified or at least prevented, actions that tend to contribute to social disruption does as much harm to the organization and manager himself and to the society.

There are many factors that triggers that inhumane thinking of a manager, speaking of one is the issue on executive compensation and economic inequality. Money blinds everyone, it’s a tempting fruit flaunted in a lot of situations. Managers are not exempted with such situations; this kind persuades them to disregard their wholesome responsibility and tends to challenge the norm. Inequality in inflation has evolved into a harsh social poison because it targets people to seek evil. Golden fetters have such tendency to lead the company to a negative axis. Individuals who aren’t able to perform and work the way they expected are challenge and questioned to either stay or leave the organization. They are susceptible to any form of bribes and think of themselves weak to give in. These individuals take into their minds the effect of the action and become morose,...
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