Primitive vs.Civilized in the Movie the Gods Must Be Crazy

Topics: Civilization, Society, Control Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: December 16, 2012

In the film “The Gods Must Be Crazy” by Jamie Uys, there is a contrast between the primitive and the civilized society. The civilized society has come a long way since its primitive days. Its hard to imagine that there are still people in this world that live without the advantages and developments of a civilized society. Those living in a civilized society would must likely believe that their society is better than that of a primitive society, but like wise a primitive society would think their society is better. In this essay, a comparison will be made between the different traits that make up these two different societies.

In the film, the Bushmen society is considered to be the primitive while the people living in the city of South Africa are the civilized. In the beginning of the movie it is clear that the Bushmen society share everything. They work hard, make tools and gather food for everyone to enjoy, unlike the civilized society in South Africa that work as individuals to obtain a pay for their own benefits. The Bushmen society does not attend school but the children learn everything from the parents. In the city, the individuals speak the English language while in the dessert the Bushmen people speak a language that mimics a clicking sound. The daily lives of the people from the city revolves around time, days, weeks, and years which leads to the calendar. The Bushmen live a timeless life with no sense of date. In the film the primitive society is introduced to a coke bottle which would be considered normal by the civilized society but the Bushmen thought it was sent from God. As the Bushmen make great

use of every little thing they found many different ways to use the bottle such as smoothing snake skin, making music and designing patterns on head bands. Once the battle became a threat to their society, one of their own named Kalahari takes action and volunteers himself to remove the bottle and make a...
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