primary agents of socialization

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What are the primary agents of socialization?
The family is the main factor which influences primary socialization. The first few years at home with the family are important for a person’s development as it can have an immense effect on all future social learning. Children must begin to develop social relationships from a young age as this will help them to interact and communicate with others. By beginning to develop relationships as children it allows them to become aware of who they are as individuals and what their roles and responsibilities are within their society. The family are responsible for the children developing these kinds of skills and without them, it is likely that they would be unable to participate in society. By developing these social relationships as children we are able to acquire human skills such as being able to differentiate between when certain emotions are acceptable and when they are unacceptable. Feral children are an example of what happens to children when they are denied this type of socialization. These children usually have little to no human contact or interaction or communication with others. These kind of children are likely to grow up with minimal human contact, usually because they have been isolated, confined or in the worst circumstances they have been raised by animals. As a result of these children being raised by animals, they act more likes animals than humans i.e. they make animal noises instead of speaking, they cannot show emotions, they are aggressive towards humans and they are not toilet trained, instead they urinate and defecate in public. Research also shows that primary socialization provides children with an identity. Usually, a young child has no life apart from its family, it is therefore likely that the child will believe that its family will love and care for them, so long as they do what it is supposed to do.
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