Pride & Prejudice Chapter 34

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  • Published : August 13, 2008
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In chapter 34, we are led into an insight to Darcy and Elizabeth’s inner worlds respectively. Through this, we are able to effectively put ourselves into the author, Jane Austen’s framework of mind while portraying Darcy’s courtship of Elizabeth. This chapter explores the inner worlds of each individual character listed above; how they feel towards each other and how their opinions of each other has or has not changed since their last meeting. In this essay, we aim to explore the different themes in this chapter and each individual character analysis. In this chapter, we consider Darcy’s proposal to be the turning point of “Pride & Prejudice”. Before Darcy’s proposal, Elizabeth main preoccupation with Darcy centres around dislike, but after it, we are able to detect a budding love towards him. However, Elizabeth’s attitude towards him corresponds to her perceived judgment of him, the supposed role he played in disinheriting Wickham and his admitted role in disrupting the romance between Jane, and Bingley (without listening to his side of story). As Elizabeth yields to her prejudices, Darcy allows his pride to take over. In his proposal, he actually spends more time reinforcing the fact that Elizabeth is of a lower status, rather than asking for her hand. This chapter tackles on Elizabeth’s view on marriage. In context to the reasons why other characters have gotten married, Elizabeth is an oddity, as she did not accept Darcy’s proposal, even though he is rich enough to support her financially and improve her social status, unlike her close friend, Charlotte. It is not without reasons that Elizabeth chose to turn Darcy down; views him as an agent of Jane‘s unhappiness, and her unhappiness at his perceived ‘ill-treatment’ of Wickham. In this chapter, it is the emphasis on social status that ultimately made Elizabeth reject him on such harsh terms, albeit his sincerity. Darcy’s prejudice against Elizabeth’s family and poor social status blinds him, prior to this,...
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