Prevention of Juvenile Crime

Topics: Crime, Childhood, Criminology Pages: 5 (1876 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Prevention of Juvenile Crime
Juvenile crime is a legal behaviour for youth or juvenile involves themselves in crime. For example, youth violence, violence youth gangs, drugs-related offences, murder, rape and so on. In most of the country the age range for juvenile is eleven to eighteen years old. Youth who committed in crime within this age range is consider as Juvenile Crime. When we flip though the newspapers, there are more and more report on juvenile crime. It seems like a trend for our society nowadays. According the statistic from Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) found out that in year 2008 juvenile crime represent 2 percents from the overall crime (Kulasagaran, 2009). Why youth today take the route of crime? According to Ziiadova (2004), ‘‘Social, political, and economic transformations in the country have had a greater impact on juveniles than other categories of the population.’’(pp. 23-31. para 3). In economic point of view, youth think of getting rich quickly, so they have to breaking of laws to commit in crimes. Another major factor is the availability of weapons in the country like Unite State or Republic of Dagestan. Therefore, youth can commit in crime easily. Moreover, television has become an essential source of entertainment in our daily life. But, television also become a mass of destruction, it destruct youth’s mind indirectly because it contain violent scene. Lastly, the psychological factor of juvenile crime is emotional alienation of the growing young person. The relationship between parents and young people in home is very important. If the parents fail to maintain the relationship with their children, the children will come to have feeling of insecure lack of protection. In this stage, they will easily influence by negative peers to involve themselves in delinquency or even worst (Ziiadova, 2004). However, the problems of juvenile crime is rising these days is because parents are not focusing on prevention. Base on this evidence, several prevention methods have to develop to reducing juvenile crime. There are two types of prevention in juvenile crime. The first prevention will take place before becoming early starters and also known as Early Childhood Prevention or Intervention. And the other one will start after the age of 10 or 11 to concentrate on children at risk of becoming late bloomers (Bogenschneider, nd). Early childhood intervention on juvenile crime is essential because it is vital role to ensure children away from violence and keep them with healthy development. There have several early childhood intervention programs which effectively decreasing future delinquency or juvenile crime. First of all, Pre-School program must be held in order to support early childhood intervention. Why children need to attend pre-school? This is because pre-school have expert and experience early childhood teachers or caregivers to look after the children. Besides, caregivers will observe children during activities and identify children’s strength; this is the best timing to identify their behaviour and weaknesses as well (American Psychological Association, 2002). If child started to behave violently during activities or in class, caregiver and expert childhood teacher will find out the solution to bring the child back to the correct track. Moreover, in pre-school program it provides lots of opportunities for children to learn social though regular playing and learning with other children. They will learn how to deal with effect of violence with other children and they will learn the effective ways to managing anger (American Psychological Association, 2002). This normally will bring a positive interaction between children and their friends. Nonetheless, during early childhood intervention, parents also need to prevent childhood injuries (Berk, 2008). Ramsay et al (2003) mentioned childhood injuries have many causes such as poverty, low parental education, many...
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