Preventing Terrorism

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  • Published : June 10, 2008
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Terrorism is a new fear in the American society, but is the result of old habits. When the American law enforcement was created, terrorism was not a societal issue. Therefore, rules and regulations did not take terrorism into consideration. While one cannot control another person's actions and thoughts, one can control his or her own actions. Therefore, when preventing terrorism, the United States must look at how we contribute to terrorism, as opposed to how we can stop other countries and cultures from committing terrorist acts. It is my opinion that the United States biggest contribution to terrorism is the country's need to control the rest of the world. This contributes to terrorism because it puts fear into other countries eyes and fear promotes violence. An administrative change that should be enforced in our law enforcement is prohibiting the power of the higher echelon of our government from interfering in foreign matters unless it directly affects our country.

Since the beginning of the American culture, Americans have been known to pick out weaker cultures and countries. From slavery to the latest "war on terrorism," the American motive has always been power. This power will subsequently create hostility amongst other cultures. Setting parameters for government to follow to prohibit unnecessary intrusion in other country's culture will in time create a better perspective from the view of said countries. America will in turn not look so hostile and controlling and will help alleviate animosity that has built up between "known terrorist countries" and ourselves. This is not meant to excuse the other cultures from their actions; it is simply an attempt to do what we can, as Americans, to internally fix these issues.

It is counter-productive to try to control others actions by creating more laws to prevent terrorism. The only thing this does is violate the citizens constitutionally protected right more than our society already has. This is a way to...