Preventing Child Obesity

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Childhood obesity Pages: 12 (4643 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Nicholas Hopkins
Preventing Obesity
As a citizen of the United States, being aware of our future is inevitable. There are many things we do in precaution for our future’s well-being. Statistics show that obesity rates are on a continuous rise which many people are not aware of. Everyone has their own opinions and may look at our country’s obesity problem in different ways. This problem is not just affecting our future, but our children’s futures as well. It is completely unfair to bring a child into this world and settle them into part of the obese population. This epidemic is ruining people’s lives and giving people early death sentences. Bringing children into this world with a chance of being obese is not acceptable. Ways to prevent child obesity include adjusting eating habits, increasing fitness and exercise, and raising awareness. This can be done through proper parenting and with the help of schools. Preventing obesity will increase life expectancy and reduce the amount of health issues related with being overweight. These ideas of prevention come with many different key terms and obstacles to overcome. It’s nearly impossible to be against child obesity unless one believes it’s a hopeless cause or is satisfied with their life threatening habits. Obesity can be maintained, reduced, and prevented through the futures of our children.

Have you ever thought of obesity and its background? Many people may not think of how obesity came about when trying to prevent it. In history classes we learned how being big and fat gave meaning. Being obese hundreds of years ago meant you were healthy, wealthy, and beautiful. Obviously that is not how we look at obesity today. If you live in the United States, you will notice that many people are overweight and obese. Obesity has been a growing problem in the United States. Many adults continue unhealthy eating habits and poor exercise and nutrition. These habits are inherited by our children. If an overweight or obese individual gives birth to a child, what makes you think that child will not too become overweight or obese? Preventing child obesity should be the bigger focus rather than adult obesity. This does not mean adults who are overweight or obese are already doomed. This statement suggests that preventing obesity in children at an early age is easier and will make more of an impact through their lives. In an article about preventing child obesity, by Laure DeMattia and Shannon Lee Denney, the authors discuss the history of child obesity and successful efforts towards childhood obesity. The article begins with a brief history of child obesity. The authors state that child obesity continues to be an increasing health problem and that obesity rates have tripled since the 1960’s (DeMattia and Denney 86). The authors also discuss how excess weight in children may put them in danger for many diseases. Most importantly, they state that if a child is obese at the age of four, he or she will have a 20% chance of being obese or overweight as an adult (DeMattia and Denney 85). Preventing childhood obesity will cancel out the risk of children becoming obese or overweight when they enter adulthood. Starting with the children is the most significant way to prevent our country’s obesity epidemic.

Childhood obesity is a problem that can be used to solve the greater obesity problem. To solve and prevent child obesity we must find and use methods and ideas. Many successful methods that are used come with terms that need to be further defined. We all know that nutrition, fitness, and exercise are very important and needed for this prevention. But we all might think differently when hearing these terms. Nutrition may be understood as dieting and/or eating healthy. Nutrition is defined by the Webster Dictionary as “the act or process of nourishing or being nourished” (Webster). This definition does not touch base with the facts of nutrition that include calories, daily...
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