Prevalence and Associated Factors of Spiritual Needs Among Patients with Cancer and Family

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Prevalence and Associated Factors of Spiritual Needs Among Patients With Cancer and Family Caregivers

Prevalence and Associated Factors of Spiritual Needs Among Patients With Cancer and Family Caregiver Problem Statement
Identify cancer patients and their caregivers spiritual needs and measure the prevalence of these spiritual needs. The patients and their caregivers can have similar spiritual needs that may require care. However, a nurse’s help with these spiritual needs, may not always be wanted. So how does the nurse identify the spiritual needs? If and when these needs are identified, how is the nurse to approach these needs? Study Purpose

This study is significant to nursing because it reveals “nurses must be educated to recognize and nurture various spiritual needs” (Johnston Taylor, 2006, p. 734). Research Questions
1.) How prevalent are the spiritual needs of patients with cancer and family caregivers, from their perspective? 2.) What demographic and illness-related factors are associated with type and frequency of perceived spiritual needs? 3.) What are the patients’ and family caregivers’ expectations regarding nurses addressing their spiritual needs? ((Johnston Taylor, 2006, p. 730) Hypothesis/Hypotheses

The study hypothesis is all people have spiritual needs, but the importance varies as do their beliefs. The desire for nurses to assist in these spiritual needs vary according to what is the patient’s religion, are they an inpatient, and perception of an incurable disease.

Study Variables
The independent variable is the questionnaire.
The dependent variables are the research participants.

Conceptual Model/Theoretical Framework
A theoretical framework was used to guide this study by examining peoples definition of spiritual needs, surveying oncology nurses, and looking at studies done measuring spiritual needs of cancer patients. The Institute of Medicine defined...
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