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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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There is no better time than now to find a safe place to have unsafe ideas. In high school we learned how to think, cooperate, listen, dream, thrown at us are the hows but now we're faced with the whats, the challenges to which we will give ourselves. When we think, do we think up? Imagine up? Dream up? We are living in a privileged situation where knowledge seeps out from the walls, waiting for us to sink down into it, but the complicated world we are entering demands that we do more than that. Now it's the time for applied knowledge, the walk, to make it real, the works of our hands. We are not yet removed from the moments in high school when we dreamt about everything we wanted college to be -- diverse, culturally and intellectually and creatively alive, filled with interesting students and faculty to get to know, etc. We are part of an exciting effort from the university to create a more student friendly environment. I want to offer my energy to addressing the gaps in student life. Here is my platform: Making the transition!!

The jump to college can be stressful. You're leaving behind your school, friends, family, and home, and going off to explore a new place, make new friends, learn new things, and set your own priorities. Many students overlook the stress involved in making so many big changes in such a brief period of time. The more prepared you are for college when you get there, the more ready you'll be to confront any new pressures.

Going away to college can be an overwhelming time for new students. Learning the critical differences between high school and college will lead to a rewarding first year.

Each September new high school grads prepare for the transition from high school to college or university. Nervous, anxious and maybe even a bit frightened, these young adults embark on a new stage in their lives, wondering what this new experience will bring. There are a lot of differences between high school and college both socially and...
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