President Manuel Roxas: a Hero?

Topics: Philippines, Dustin Hoffman, Senate of the Philippines Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: June 12, 2012
Everyone thinks of Manuel Roxas as a hero. They adore him so much that they plastered his face in the one hundred peso bill. It is true that Manuel Roxas has done so much for our country but the question still remains, is Manuel Roxas a hero?

Before anything else, it is important to state the qualities of a hero. How does one become a hero? Often, people would say that a hero is someone who saves lives. He possesses qualities such as being brave, strong, smart, kind, etc. It is true that a hero should posses those qualities but being a hero is more than that. Being a hero does not simply mean that you posses such fine qualities which other people wish they had. The ability to improve one’s values and use it for something good is what really makes someone a hero. An example of this is the movie Accidental Hero. In the movie, Dustin Hoffman helped those people for the sake of helping them. Although he may show himself as someone who is crooked, he really is a nice person. He did not show himself to everyone saying “Hey! I helped those people!” Dustin Hoffman didn’t want the fame; all he wanted was money not even for himself but for his son. Like Rizal, Dustin Hoffman did not wish for fame but for the safety of the people inside the plane. Rizal only wanted what’s best for his motherland. He did not wish to be known, all he wanted was to open the minds and hearts of the Filipinos. He improved his talents not for himself but to be able to help the Philippines. With this saying, can we consider Manuel Roxas as a hero? Our answer is no. Manuel Roxas is not a hero more so he cannot be considered as one. In the following paragraphs we have summed up our reasons as to why we think Manuel Roxas is not a hero. We have made this based on interviews with our parents and online articles. First, He was not able to foresee the future. Manuel Roxas did not think before he signed the Philippine Trade Act. All he thought about was the...
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