Preserving Cambodian Culture

Topics: Culture of Cambodia, Cambodia, Khmer people Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: November 5, 2010
Preserving Cambodian Culture

All the countries in the world always have different culture and different preserving their culture. Now let’s me take Cambodian culture and how to keep Khmer culture to describe about what i have known and study before. So, how i keep my country to enable for a long time?

Cambodia has a lot of religion that come to live like Chines, Vietnamese, French etc. However they don’t live in their country, they still respect and keep their culture. So, i am Khmer, live in territory Khmer, I must to pride and help to keep culture property of my country. Preserving culture is duty of Cambodian people that must to do because if each people forget all everything that our ancestor has keep, the generation people don’t accept to practise or forget so it will absence. Moreover if we think about culture and civilization that come from outside of our country like Chines New Year, Christmas day, Valentine day etc. All of this is not Khmer tradition and change topractise more than our culture so, it will fall down. We are all Cambodian know already that Khmer tradition have for a long time from ancient day and Cambodia people have to practise carefully. This practise has start from family, community and then from school for keeping what the old generation people had done. What that makes our culture to keep in a good condition is: We are all must to develop small children and give them to know their culture;especially parents that have son and daughter must to send them to study at school or institutes for give them receive what their teacher teach relate to culture and tell them what is Khmer culture property. Do you know we have a lot of inheritance from the ancestor like Khmer New Year, Pchom Ben, Water fatiwal, wedding with music and dance. Specially we have Ang Kor Wat that have built by Khmer people and it is . More than this we have a literature, the artistic statue carve on the big stone that confirm about Khmer culture at ancient time....
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