Presentation and Data Analysis of Smart Communications

Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Presentation and Data Analysis

1.) What product do you use?

-Majority of the respondents in different year level choose “SMART”
almost 80% of them prefer to use this product, while 18% of the
respondents choose “GLOBE” and 2% selected “OTHERS”.

2.) How frequently do you purchase product from Smart load?

-Majority of the respondents choose “SPECIFY” in this
question on how frequently they purchase Smart
product, 25% of the students selected “EVERYDAY”,
while 16% selected “ONCE A DAY” and 13% says “ONCE

3.) How satisfied are you with the service of Smart Communications, Inc.?

-64% of Smart users’ selected “FAIR” meaning it is average,
28% says that they are “SATISFIED”, while 8% said they are not
satisfied or “POOR”

4.) Do you experience some problems with Smart load?

-Majority of the survey, 90%, answered “YES” they are
experiencing some difficulties about their product, while 10%
selected “NO” they don’t experience problems with Smart.

5.) Are you going to recommend Smart load to your friends and relatives?

-80% of the respondents said “YES” they want to recommend
Smart to their friends and relatives but 20% of them said “NO”
because of poor performance.

Therefore, majority of the respondents use Smart load because it is cheaper and convenient,
they purchase Smart load once a day, some respondents said twice a week or twice a month and others
said occasionally. Some of them say that the products or the services they are offering to their
customers are fair; they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

As an implication majority of the respondents faces some difficulties or some problems with
Smart load because of delayed messages and load magically disappears without subscribing to any
promos offered by Smart Communications, Inc. Some of the users want to recommend Smart to their
friends and relatives and some...
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